PROVAIA Appliance

Comfortable and secure

PROVAIA Appliance

Compared with checking mobile devices or mobile media by your IT staff or by using a simple scan PC, the use of a PROVAIA appliance offers a series of attractive technical safety advantages:

Secure platform

PROVAIA relies on a specially hardened and minimalized operating system core based on openSUSE Linux. Any compromising of the appliance is almost ruled out, because an inaccessible and non-writable boot medium (Live CD) is used.

Comfortable touchscreen interface

Using PROVAIA requires no IT knowledge and no training; every user can check and clean mobile devices on his/her own. Complex processes (virus scanners, file converters, content review, interface monitoring, etc.) are merged to form a standardized and security-compliant process chain. This results in high user acceptance.

Technical specification


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PROVAIA Downloads
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  • Mobile media - a security risk
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PRESENSE develops the PROVAIA appliance entirely in Germany and as a vendor has signed the initiative IT Security made in Germany (