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IT security for critical power generation systems: STEAG GmbH

Power generation is one of the most security-critical key industries in the world. When the Stuxnet malware was discovered in Iran in 2010, the sector was alarmed. Never before had hackers managed to sabotage control systems of industrial facilities with such a level of sophistication. The dangerous malware reached computers in the network of a number of nuclear facilities via a USB storage medium and caused notable disruptions to the Iranian nuclear program. Other companies in the energy sector also anticipate similar risks. Find out how PRESENSE PROVAIA provides comprehensive protection for process automation systems at a German power generation organization.

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Sparkasse Aachen

IT security in banking: Sparkasse Aachen

In Germany, the requirements placed on financial service providers are the result of the German Banking Act on the one hand, and the minimum requirements for risk management, which the BaFin published in 2012, on the other hand. In summary, banks must ensure that the integrity, availability, authenticity and confidentiality of their data is always guaranteed at the levels of IT systems and associated processes. These regulations must, of course, also be implemented for the use of removable media. Sparkasse Aachen has therefore decided to introduce perimeter protection by PROVAIA.

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