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Security solution providers’ reputation depends on their products’ ability to thwart every attempt to smuggle in malware. PRESENSE’s powerful new threat prevention tool VAITHEX is here to help with that. Designed to greatly enhance security solution providers’ ability to guard against malware, VAITHEX not only provides good baseline protection for detection-only use cases; it also excels in normalization mode.

VAITHEX scans files to keep attackers at bay. Its first- and second-level normalization capabilities help slam the door when malicious content comes knocking. Easy to install as a network service and equipped with a readily accessible REST API, VAITHEX is an elegant add-on that bolsters your security solutions’ anti-malware defenses by sniffing out embedded threats.

If you are looking to add a capable threat deterrent to your arsenal, a gatekeeper to protect your customers’ systems from harmful files, look no further. Let VAITHEX be your products’ bulwark against file-borne security breaches.

At a glance


With several antivirus engines (at least two AV scanners and optionally up to four), it scans for malware to detect potentially malicious files

VAITHEX blocks

Files based on MIME types or filename extensions

VAITHEX normalizes

  • Files via first-level normalization ensures compliance with format specifications to prevent buffer overflows and similar attacks for image files (PNG, JPG, etc.) and the like
  • Second-level normalization removes Office macros, JavaScript and other active and imperceptible content from documents such as Office (DOCX, XLSX) and PDF files
  • And optionally converts file formats such as DOCX to PDF


  • Reports at the end of each workflow
  • Sends logs via syslog
  • Offers batch mode to process multiple files simultaneously
  • Integrates into your workflows
  • Is manageable via a asynchronous REST API
  • Readily installs as a network service
  • Supports Debian

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